Find your home for rent in Arizona Today.

In today’s economy, it might make more sense for you to rent a home or apartment instead of buying one. With NOMA Group, you can choose from a wide selection of properties located all over the valley. Our properties include single-family detached homes, apartments, condos, and more.

When you choose from our selection, you can be sure that all our properties have been properly inspected and surveyed before being offered to you. We only make available the homes that we feel would make you comfortable.

Once you show interest, one of our experienced agents will take you to the properties you are interested in and give you a personal tour. The agent will be with you until you find the home of your dreams, and make sure that all your questions are answered. Together we can find your new home today. Take your first step by searching through our directory below for your ideal property.

Required Information:

1. Complete and accurate Application Form
2. Legible Copy of Driver’s License or Government Issued Photo ID
3. Proof of income: Your two most recent pay stubs, W2, if you are employed, or last 2 years’ tax returns if you are self-employed or if you work in a cash industry.
4. Photos of your pet(s).

Upon receipt of your rental application, application fee, and all supporting documents, you can expect and hereby authorize us to:

(1) check your credit report;
(2) check the public records for any past evictions;
(3) verify your employment;
(4) verify your references; and (5) do a criminal background check.

Our current units available for rent.

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